The CHECK ENGINE light or SERVICE ENGINE SOON light warns of a problem seen by the powertrain control module.  The problem could be in the emissions system which would cause your vehicle to pollute more than it should; it could be something that would affect your vehicle’s performance; or possibly both. Small portable computers which interface with your vehicle’s computers are used to retrieve fault codes from the vehicle and to aid in diagnosis.

While some diagnoses are very simple, others are very complex, involving intricate wiring diagrams and multi-step procedures. Intermittent problems are the hardest to diagnose since the problem may not be present when the car is brought in, and often there are several potential causes for any specific code or complaint. We are well equipped to address most warning lights, including, but not limited to, check engine, service engine soon, service engine now, TPMS, traction control, air bag, SRS, and multiple others.